The Astronomical Illustration of Lynette Cook
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Authorized Use of Copyrighted Works

Copyright - Why it Applies Here

The ready availability of large quantities of information in an instant has given rise to misunderstandings regarding the rights attached to intellectual property available on the Internet. That it happens to be found here in electronic form, by keyboard command or mouse click and does not require the purchase of a printed publication to access, does not invalidate the International or United States Copyright Laws.

Adding to this misunderstanding are the site providers who have developed chat pages and online forums that will construct a web page for you from elements found on the Web, often neglecting to mention that permission must first be obtained for the use of these items.

All images and compositions found on are copyrighted under Federal protection. My work, as a part of, is available here for viewing as a service, both to myself and to those who visit.

Images and copy may not be copied and reproduced elsewhere or altered in any way without expressed written permission from me. Granted permission is not irrevocable. Permission may be withdrawn for any reason at any time. The exception is that editors, art directors, etc. may use the images for reference and layout purposes only.

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