The bud, flower, and seed pods are shown in this painting.
[Thumbnail]Red Poppy
Red Poppy was originally created for an article exploring the risks and benefits of morphine.
[Thumbnail]Dahlia imperialis
This awesome flower is a native of Brazil.
[Thumbnail]Green Energy
As humankind's consumption of energy grows, the need to conserve increases. One way to help "green the Earth" is to use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs.
In this late Devonian forest a tetrapod called Acanthostega sits on a rock. A dragonfly zooms overhead.
In 1883, volcanic eruptions at Krakatau triggered tidal waves along the island of Java. Here the tsunami looms above the port town of Anjer.
[Thumbnail]Permian Extinction
Many of the ocean's creatures perished during the Permian Era. Dead and dying fish, ammonites, sponges, and brachiopods are shown here. A small reptile munches on a dead ammonite.

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