The Astronomical Illustration of Lynette Cook The Astronomical Illustration of Lynette Cook
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Authorized Use of Copyrighted Works

Commercial Use Personal Web Use
This is a guide to the use of my images and writings on your Personal Web Site. Please read through it carefully and feel free to ask questions as they arise. I'm only a few microseconds away.

! If your venture is commercial in nature, please consult the usage fees page for representative ranges for your type of publication.
I am sure that we can work something out to our mutual benefit.

For uses on Commercial Web Sites, Web Sites with high traffic or uses beyond the Web requiring high resolution digital files, 35mm or 4"x5" transparencies or original art for reproduction in Books, Periodicals and Newspapers, please consult the Reuse Page, send an Image Request and we can discuss your project.
For instructions on Personal Web Site Use, read on:

Often I am asked to provide images for other Web sites, which has become an interesting and educational enterprise. Patrons, publications and fans have embraced my images and requested originals and prints over the years, displaying them prominently in their homes, offices, public spaces, and now on the Internet in various environments. It does my heart good to see these creations so accepted and it is a rare and valuable opportunity to touch so many from so far.
      I readily grant permission for non-commercial Web use, provided that certain minimum conditions are met. I cannot apprear to be endorsing something questionable in nature and reserve the right to veto permission.
      If your Web Site is high traffic, commercial or not, we need to know ahead of time so that we may properly prepare for the expected increase in bandwidth.
      In either case, all I ask is that you contact me first and ask .

Copyright - Why it Applies Here
The ready availability of large quantities of information in an instant has given rise to misunderstandings regarding the rights attached to intellectual property available on the Internet. That it happens to be found here in electronic form, by keyboard command or mouse click and does not require the purchase of a printed publication to access, does not invalidate the International or United States Copyright Laws.
      Adding to this misunderstanding are the site providers who have developed chat pages and online forms that will construct a web page from elements found on the Web, often neglecting to mention that permission must first be obtained, and a credit line/copyright notice be placed, if the user is not the author.

Thumbnails and Bandwidth
"Bandwidth borrowing" is the use of resources of the person providing the material. Graphics sites are high bandwidth class due to their very nature. I use thumbnails to show images on the gallery pages so that the pages load quickly, even on a slower link. If a person is interested in a particular image, a click on the miniature will display the full size version.
      In the case of a display image linked from a person's remote page, it is most often the full size version that the person links to and is supplied each time a visitor comes to the remote site. You can readily see that this adds up rapidly. If you are intending to only display a thumbnail sized image on your page, please link to the thumbnail version and not to the full size, compressing it with width/height values into a thumbnail.

What's in it for me...
All images and compositions found on Imperial Earth and are copyrighted under Federal protection. My work is available here as a service, both to myself and to those who visit. In return for this service I request recognition for creating and providing the work and an opportunity to have them view additional works, being able to contact me for commission or purchase of images and compositions. It's how I make my living; pay the rent, buy the food & gas. It seems a small and equitable trade.

What's in it for you...
First off, you'll feel good and make a new aquaintance. Then, as a bonus for obtaining a granted permission use, if I receive a commission or sale from a direct link from an image viewed and accessed on your page, I send a gift to you as a thank you for displaying my work as part of your environment and providing a proper credit while so doing. Fair is fair.

If this sounds agreeable to you, send an Image Request to let me know what you are going to do and then follow the instructions below. I'll be happy to discuss with you your plans and how to proceed.

Code for insertion into your pages:
I've provided below the code that I request you use. If you like, drag across the displayed code as viewed on this page, copy/paste it into your editor and modify it to display the particular image and title you are using. Do not view the source and copy, as you'll get code that will not work.
The Image & Copyright Notice are combined as one link.
(both active)

The code:

	<p><a href="">
	<img src=""
	width="???" height="???" vspace="4" hspace="4" border="0"
	alt=" "><br><small><strong>IMAGE-TITLE</strong><br>
	<em>Copyright &copy; Lynette R. Cook,
	All Rights Reserved, Used with Permission.

Lalande 21185 System
Lalande 21185 System
Copyright © Lynette R. Cook, All Rights Reserved, Used with Permission.

NB! Replace "FILENAME", "???" and "IMAGE-TITLE" above as appropriate to the image you have chosen. The image pixel width=" " and height=" " values are optional but allow your page to display faster if included. If you are displaying a small image, please link to the thumbnail file, not the full size.
A Text Link provided somewhere on the page or on a links page with whatever flattering description seems appropriate - that provided below and/or words of your own choosing.

The code:

	<p><a href="">
	<strong>The Many Facets of Lynette Cook</strong></a><br>
	Images and writing related to space exploration, art
	and science.</p>


The Many Facets of Lynette Cook
Images and writing related to space exploration, art and science.

Thank you!

Image Request Form

References of Interest:
United States Copyright Office, The Library of Congress
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Images and copy may not be altered in any way without expressed written permission from me. Granted permission is not irrevocable. Permission may be withdrawn for any reason at any time. (I'm pretty easy with this but reserve right of final approval. I'm not going to dictate your layout. If you have an appropriate, straightforward use and design, you don't have anything to worry about.)